Kennedys Bar & RestaurantKennedys Bar & Restaurant


Vegetable Soup ~ €6.00

served with soda bread
G | C

Daily Soup ~ €6.00

served with soda bread
G | D | C


The Cajun Wrap ~ €9.50

breast of chicken with cajun mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce in a flour tortilla wrap
G | E | M | D

The Mediterranean Wrap ~ €9.50

sliced chicken, mozzarella cheese, pesto, sundried tomato and roasted avocado in a flour tortilla wrap
E | D | S | G

The Veggie Wrap ~ €9.50

stir fried Mediterranean vegetables and herbs topped with mozzarella cheese in a flour wrap

Add chips ~ €3.50, onion rings ~ €4.00 or side salad ~ €4.00


Kennedy's Style Caesar Salad ~ €12.00

pieces of tender chicken, bacon cartoons, garlic croutons, fresh grated parmesan and baby gem lettuce served with a classic dressing
C | D | E | G | M

Warm Goats Cheese Salad ~ €12.00

with beetroot, plum vine tomatoes, mixed beans and candied walnuts with a Dijon mustard dressing
C | D | E | M | N


Baked Ham & Cheese ~ €8.00

served with American mustard
D | G

Roast Breast Of  Turkey ~ €8.00

served with stuffing and cranberry sauce
D | G

The Classic Chicken ~ €8.50

served with stuffing, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise
D | E | G

Mediterranean Veggie ~ €8.00

mixed vegetables marinated in olive oil, Provencal herbs, brie cheese, rocket salad served on tasca bread
D | Soya | Se

Soup & Sandwich Combo ~ €12.00

choose a soup with any of our sandwiches above


Tuna Melt ~ €10.00

served with mayonnaise, red onion and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread
F | E | M | D

Classic B.L.T. ~ €10.00

with a twist grilled smoked bacon, sliced beef tomato, dressed lettuce, garlic mayo topped with melted cheese in a toasted floured bap served with chips
E | M | C | G

Smoked Chicken Flatbread ~ €10.00

warmed rosemary focaccia bread, topped with brie cheese, avocado, rocket and pomegranate dressing
G | D | N | M

Kennedys Bar & RestaurantKennedys Bar & RestaurantKennedys Bar & RestaurantKennedys Bar & Restaurant


Beef & Guinness Pie ~ €15.00

pieces of Irish beef marinated in guinness with root vegetables and buttered mash topped with a pastry crust
C | D | G | E | Se

Kennedy's Chicken Wings ~ €12.00

served with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing, choice of hot & spicy wings or BBQ wings
C | E | D | N

Bangers & Mash ~ €14.00

pan fried pork and leek sausages resting on a creamy mashed potatoes with fried onion rings and red wine gravy
C | D | E | G

IPA Fresh Haddock & Chips  ~ €16.00

served with pea puree and homemade tartar sauce
D | F | G

Pan Fried Salmon ~ €16.00

served with stir fried greens and a red pepper coulis served on a bed of mash
D | F | S | C

Kennedy's Homemade Burger ~ €14.00

topped with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo in a brioche bun served with chunky chips
D | E | G | M

New Yorker Burger  ~ €15.00

topped with bacon, fried egg, mayonnaise and melted cheese in a brioche bun served with chunky chips
D | E | G | M

Buttermilk Marinated Fried Chicken Burger ~ €15.00

topped with baby gem lettuce, tomato, red onion and chipotle mayo on a brioche bun served with chunky chips
D | G | S

Homemade Lamb Burger ~ €15.00

topped with onion marmalade, goats cheese and rocket leaves in a broiche bun served with chunky chips
D | E | M | G

Indian Chicken Curry  ~ €14.00

served with pilaf rice and chips

Penne Arrabbiata ~ €11.00

(V)pasta in a spicy tomato and vegetable sauce
D | G
OR Add Sliced Chicken ~ €12

Kennedy's Traditional Irish Stew ~ €15.00

pieces of Irish lamb, carrots, celery and baby potatoes all in a lamb broth
C | M | Soya

Classic Cocktail Sausage & Chips ~ €9.00

G | C

Chicken Goujons & Chips ~ €9.00



Homemade Chocolate & Orange Brownie ~ €7.00

with vanilla ice cream
D | G | N

Warm Waffles ~ €7.00

topped with vanilla ice cream with a butterscotch sauce
D | E | G | N

Apple Crumble ~ €7.00

served with vanilla ice cream
D | E | G | N

Eaton Mess Cheesecake ~ €7.00

oats biscuit base, creamy strawberry cheesecake topped with crumbled meringue
D | G | N


Cappuccino ~ €2.80

a double shot of espresso with smooth, silky textured milk

Latte ~ €2.80

a single shot of espresso and steamed milk

Flat White~ €2.80

a triple shot of espresso with textured milk

Americano ~ €2.50

a rich black coffee made by combining espresso and hot water

Espresso ~ €2.20

a short shot of intensely strong coffee

Doppio ~ €2.50

a double shot of espresso

Hot Chocolate ~ €2.50
Selection of Herbal Teas ~ €2.80


C = Celery | D = Dairy | E = Eggs | F = Fish | G = Gluten | M = Mustard | P = Peanuts | S = Soybeans | Se = Sesame Seed

Supplier Information

At Kennedy's we do our best to source all our ingredients locally. Our beef, lamb and pork is supplied by FX Buckley in Dublin. Our poultry and eggs are supplied by Corrib Foods in Galway. Our fish is sourced from Kish Fish in Dublin. Our fruit and vegetables are delivered fresh from Smithfield markets in Dublin every morning. Our bread is delivered fresh every morning from Arun Bakery.